BRT User’s Accessibility to the Trunk or Feeder

The DART system is characterized by easily noticeable features that make the user easily note them when moving along the trunk. The system is consisted of dedicated lanes that are to be used only by BRT buses. The segregated lanes are not to be used by other mixed traffic drivers. Alongside the dedicated lanes there are enclosed bus stations that are about 500 meter apart to enable passengers to have the nearest destination both for boarding and alighting. Apart from having bus stations in the trunk system, there are bus terminals that either make the beginning of a route or the end of a certain route; also the terminals are used as points of integration of other modes of transport.

As one of the public transport users in the DART system, to access the buses you should first of all find the nearest bus station or terminal to verify your smart card or barcode ticket to the turnstiles that are at the entrance in each station or terminal before proceeding to the paid area ready for boarding a bus.

The stations and terminals bear a name that can assist a user to know the correct location of his or her starting or end of their routes. The validity time for a barcode ticket is the maximum of 90 minutes before the ticket expires. Moreover, a passenger who leaves the station or terminals and wants to go back to the stations will have to pay again for the new route even before the 90 minute period elapses.

Those starting or ending their journey on feeder routes, have no enclosed stations or dedicated lanes for the BRT buses. Feeder buses use mixed routes, that means, the roads where the DART system is not built. Feeder buses will alight passengers at stations which are not special for BRT buses. These buses may use the existing daladala stations and may not go as fast as the trunk buses. Feeder buses will always bring passengers to the nearest trunk from other parts of the city where BRT system is not yet built.

Nevertheless, in case of any doubt on how to reach either trunk or feeder buses, users are encouraged to contact the nearest DART office in the system, or communicate your views through e-mail, phone, and WhatsApp group for clarifications.

DART is here for your fast travel, comfortable journey, and affordable fare.