A Template for Proactive Messages During Crises:

  • i.Operational Status:
  • There is a situation in terminal x associated to weather conditions. We are experiencing minor delays. Please refer to for updates,
  • DART operating normally despite the heavy rains. For updates please check
  • DART is announcing changes in service in preparation for floods. Check updated schedules at
  • Due to inclement weather today buses will be operating in peak hour at 15minute interval. Expect minor delays.
  • ii.Closure due to flooding:
  • Note that due to projected heavy rains tomorrow operations at x terminal might be impacted. For status alert refer to or subscribe to DART-Alerts or follow us on Twitter @dartmwendokasi
  • iii.Resuming Operations:
  • Systems are currently closed. Normal operation should be resumed by 5pm. Any changes will be communicated through Follow us on Twitter @dartmwendokasi
  • iv.Alternatives:
  • Line x is currently closed due to abnormal rains. Note that Line Y is fully operational. Check for updates at
  • v.Closure due to repair/construction:
  • DART is working to serve you better. Due to renovation in X station, buses will not stop. Please go to Y or Z stations which are operating normally.


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