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The Dar Rapid Transit (DART) Agency has been mandated to manage the implementation of the DART project which is done in six phases. The DART project is implemented by improving the existing infrastructure, managing of procurement of bus operator, fare collector, and fund manager.

Phase one of the project that covers 20.9 kilometers along Morogoro Road started bus operations in May 2016 under interim service provider (ISP). The commencement of bus operations in phase one has attracted many groups from many African countries to come to DART for the purpose of learning the way the government of Tanzania has managed to implement a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in spite of its complexities.

To give a broad overview on how the project is being implemented in Dar es Salaam, DART Agency technical staff have been providing practical experience of the project through making PowerPoint presentations and conducting debate which are geared to exchange experiences bothe to DART Agency and the visiting institutions for study tours. Apart from providing practical experience on the BRT project in Dar es Salaam, the DART Agency has been taking the concerned learning organization to a site tour in the DART corridor to get hands-on experience of the BRT infrastructure.

Some examples of the countries that have sent their officials to learn BRT in Dar es Salaam for the past two years include Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Algeria, and Nigeria, to mention a few.