Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania
Ofisi ya Rais, Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa

Wakala wa Mabasi Yaendayo Haraka

"Usafiri wa Umma Nadhifu"

Mwendokasi App
Mwendokasi App

Mwendokasi app helps you in

  • Ticketing
  • Journey Planning
  • Incident reporting 
  • Service Disruption
  • Routing and scheduling 
  • Information and FAQ


Now you can buy easily QR ticket in the app. The QR ticket has the following 

  • Ticket expires after 3 hours
  • Station that you select must be the same as the boarding station
  • After buying the ticket you cant change the station

Now you can buy ticket through mwendokasi app 



 The benefits of using the app

  • Avoid long queue
  • Save time
  • Cashles
  • You can view monthly transactions




Available free on android play store and app store