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A centralised operations centre is referred to as a Transport Management Centre (TMC). There are many proven benefits (worldwide) associated in having a TMC, such as sharing data, sharing resources and technology, and integrated operations, visual monitoring of the BRT network, joint decision making (operators and law enforcement looking at the same image / incident together), managing incidents, and respond much more effectively when having an overview of the entire BRT system activities.

The TMC houses the central computers necessary to support the ITS components and accommodates the ITS operations personnel. The control centre incorporates video wall monitoring system for the operators to view CCTV images from the field, network management, access control as well as other important operations.

The operations centre also houses other important stakeholders such as the traffic engineering department, metro police and emergency services.

At the TMC, Data is collected on the onboard units in buses then transmitted to the control centre, where it is processed. From the control centre, useful data, based on the GTFS and GTFS-RT formats, is sent to the Web Display Feed (WDF), Public Information Displays (PID) at the stations. The staff in the Transit Operation Centre are also responsible for communication with the field officers such as drivers, safety staff and station attendants.