Be cognizant of government development projects, Dr. Abbas says

While the fifth phase government led by President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli marks a third anniversary with a focus on industrial drive, the Director of Information Services and Government Spokesperson, Dr. Hassan Abbas, has called upon all communication officers working in government institutions to familiarize themselves with the ongoing development projects that are being implemented by the government.

Dr. Abbas said this recently during a meeting with government institutions’ communication officers working in Dar es Salaam when addressing the importance of the officers to execute their respective communication activities with the guidance of comprehensive communication strategies.

He said, a communication officer who works for the government without having correct information of what the government is doing in terms of development is not fit forcommunicating government current affairs.

The spokesperson unveiled the fact that the present government values much the role played by communication officers and all journalists when it comes to disseminating information about development projects implemented in public and private sectors.

“As communicators for the government, all officers in this profession should make sure that they are aware of what the government is doing otherwise they will not be able to communicate relevant information on issues that directly affect the people on their daily life”, he said.

In order to integrate communication activities from different government institutions, specifically those based in Dar es Salaam, Dr. Abbas gave a sketch of strategies that is geared at involving all government organizations in terms of communicating pertinent issues through publications, video documentaries, and live presentations by chief executives.

One of the first communication activities that his department would start working on is that of publishing a quarterly magazine titled NCHI YETU whereby all communication officers will be required to contribute feature articles about development progress for their organizations starting with how they planned their projects and how they achieved their objectives, he stated.

He said, “The magazine NCHI YETU will soon be issued between September and October this year while the running of video documentaries and special TV programmes dubbed TUNATEKELEZA will be aired on TBC1 starting from September this year.”

The emphasis on this different approaches of communication, Dr. Abbas said, would be on the achievements that each government institution has already made in the past three years since the inauguration of the fifth phase government.

In the same development, Dr. Abbas highlighted some mega development projects that the current government has embarked on including the rapidchange in the urban public transport system through the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) locally christened as Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project, the revamping of Air Tanzania Corporation (ATC), construction of 67 health centres all over the country just in three years, the ongoing construction of standard gauge railway (SGR) and the expansion of Julius Nyerere International Airport, among others.

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