DART key stakeholders converge for ITS Tanzania

As the government of Tanzania is in a third year of its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project implementation of bus operations in Dar es Salaam, the DART agency has coordinated a workshop on Intelligence Transportation System (ITS) strategic plan in order to integrate DART communications with other public institutions in order to obviate duplication of efforts and simplify communication at national level.

The workshop which attracted about 40 participants from different government institutions took place on December 12 this year at Ubungo Plaza in Dar es Salaam.

One of the workshop objectives was to determine the ITS scope that is proposed to be established in the DART project and expected to integrate with other communication systems at national level.

One of the facilitators of the workshop from Techco, a consulting firm from South Africa, Dr. Johann Andersen, asserted that the establishment of ITS at national level starts with initial steps and is gradually built according to the needs of the concerned government.

He said, “ITS cannot comprehensively happen or be established at once, but is a gradual process which requires inputs from different stakeholders who are aware of and have clear roadmap of the requirements of their ITS.”

The workshop participants unanimously agreed to have a timeline of implementing the ITS Tanzania, DART Agency being a coordinator of the whole process.

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