DART marks two year-anniversaries with top awards

The implementation of the Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project phase one in two years since its commencement of bus operations has so far raised eyebrows all over the world in the industry of public transport though for a few months it has been marred by different challenges associatedmainly withpoor bus scheduling and the sporadic floodwaters at Jangwani depot.

Because of this project, the city of Dar es Salaam was recently declared a top winner among other African cities in transforming urban public transport into a modern transport by implementing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that has been proven to be a panacea for urbanization vis-à-vis urban public transport.

It is the marking of two year anniversary on May 10 this year that many stakeholders of our dear project can feel a nostalgia for the recently declared awards given to the city of Dar es Salaam a sign of great achievement in bringing up noble solution to many challenge associated with urbanization all over the world.

The two international awards that were given to DART Agency chronologically have made Dar es Salaam shine all over the world. The first was received in New York city in December 2017 and the second was received on January 9, this year in Washington DC, both in the United States of America.

This can be viewed as a tremendous achievement especially for those who have visited different big cities in Africa and world at large and perhaps have been involved in examining how urbanization challenges are putting some city authorities across roads when it comes to making urban public transport fast, comfortable and affordable to everybody.

Despite the achievement that we have attained in the eyes of other nations all over the world, we cannot boast ourselves of this without acknowledging the challenges of implementing a new transport system. The newness of the project to public transport users and the implementers can be one of the main sources of the challenges that we are not facing.

The government of Tanzania who is both the brainchild and brainwave of the DART project is always at the front line at making sure that its citizen do not suffer from poor public transport at all times. Instead, the government is calling on all Tanzanians in Dar es Salaam to support the efforts that are made by urban transport stakeholders to improve it. It won’t serve anything if we give it up and end up throwing insults simply because the bus operations are not yet smooth.

If we surrender to the challenges while the world community is looking at us with envious eyes due to what we have already shown success so far, we will later live to regret. The famous English adage that goes: “a fortune is realized when it is gone”, puts it all clear to us about the DART project and the imminent signs for the city dwellers to shun away from it due to the challenges. Let us also remember that Rome was not built in a day.

Let us understand that our government is working with concerted efforts to reduce the challenges to a minimum level until everybody opts only for the DART buses in items of urban public transport.

Just of recent, the government averred that it is not sleeping about the challenges. It has already allayed public fears about the uncertain bus scheduling are now happing in the DART system due to reduction of buses in all routes with reasons mainly comprehensible to the bus operator.

Responding to the question on what is going on with the bus operations, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa asserted this week during parliament sessions in Dodoma that the Government is in the final process of procuring a second bus operator to complement services currently offered by Usafiri Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit (UDA-RT).

The Prime Minister said, “We are trying to sort out the challenges of UDA-RT that is why we have commissioned another investor to bring in buses for the transport operations to make it more competitive”

He also told the Parliament that the Government is working around the clock to improve transport services and infrastructure so that the intended goals are attained.

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