DART Senior staff at SUA for risk management training

As the expansion of the Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project goes into next two phases of implementation oKilwa and Nyerere road, respectively, DART staff at managerial and technical levels have recently participated in a nine day-crash course in risk management,

Proper application of risk management knowledge by public and private sector organizations has been proved for decades to be a bulwark of success in achieving objectives that have been identified in the strategic plan of a given organization.

In conjunction with risk management training, the participants were also made aware of the way they can contain fraud in their daily fulfilment of their respective responsibilities.

The training sessions which were coupled with hands-on experience, were conducted at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SAUT) from May 16 to May 24, 2019.

To be able to comprehend the nature of risks and their categories, the participants reviewed the strategic objectives which are defined in the DART five-year strategic plan.

In view of fulfilling the expected outcome of the training, the DART Agency’s Chief Executive, Eng. Ronald Lwakatare, emphasized the importance for every participants to closely follow the sessions with high concentration so as to be conversant with the main issues of the training.

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