Director instructs DART staff to work with diligence

As the pace of extending Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) infrastructure increases in other main roads of Dar es Salaam city especially after completing the infrastructure construction of the Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project phase 1 along Morogoro Road and commencement of bus operations under Interim Service Provider (ISP) in May 2016, the need of DART Agency having competent and hard working staff is of paramount to manage people’s expectations in the implementation of the project.

Addressing DART Agency workers in one of monthly departmental meetings, the Director of Administration, Human Resources and Communication, Dr. Eliphas Mollel directed all heads of departments and sections in the Agency to fulfill their daily duties meticulously without coercion from higher authority.

Elaborating the importance of DART project to Dar es Salaam residents and to all Tanzanians at large, Dr. Mollel implored all workers at DART Agency to be patriotic in managing all resources earmarked for the project.

The Director said: “We would expect each and everyone of you to disclose any fraud or sabotage that may be planned to spoil the image of the Agency and the project by unscrupulous people inside and outside the Agency.”

He said, everyone should give their full time in fulfill their daily duties in their respective areas of competency while adhering to the principle of responsible freedom at all times.

He further elaborated that good work performance of workers can have a multiplier effects to all levels of leadership starting from an office assistant to the level of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

He said, people should work in teams as solidarity yields many fruits.

He said: “The fact that BRT is a new aspect in Tanzania and in many African countries and that it has changed lifestyle of Tanzanians since the commencement of bus operations on May 10, 2016, we supposed to feel proud of it and work to our best to justify our presence in the Agency.

Before joining the Agency a month ago, Dr. Mollel was working with Karatu District Council as Head of Human Resources and Administration Department.

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