Gerezani commuter bus station for relocation

As the Dar Rapid Transit (DART) Agency is about to start implementing phase two along Kilwa Road that begins at the city center and goes up to Mbagala Rangitatu, the owners of commuter buses have to leave the bus station at Gerezani to pave a way for infrastructure development of DART phase two.

Gerezani is one of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) terminals in the DART system phase one. The bus feeder station at Gerezani has been used by daladala operators during interim service because most of the feeder stations have not been used by DART buses.

According to the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA), the commuter buses whose bus station is to be relocated are supposed to leave Gerezani area by February 9 this year.

In the same development, SUMATRA has already laid out a new traffic mobility plan for all daladala which have been using Gerezani BRT terminal.

With the new arrangement, the daladalas which had been operating on Kilwa Road to Gerezani will go to Machinga Complex via Msimbazi Road-Uhuru-Shaurimoyo and go back the same route via Lindi and Shaurimoyo roads.

Daladalas that operate on Chang’ombe Road to Gerezani will pass through Lindi Street via Shaurimoyo and go back to the same route using Lindi and Shaurimoyo roads.

Those operating on Nyerere Road and Uhuru to Gerezani would now go to Mnazi Mmoja and go back using the same route via Nyerere Road and Uhuru Street.

According to the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), the area earmarked for infrastructure development at Gerezani would be handled to the contractor as soon as it is free from daladala operators.

Phase two of the DART project whose length is 20.3 kilometres starts at the city centre to Mbagala Rangitatu, Kawawa Road from Magomeni; it also passes through Chang’ombe Road, Mgulani to Kilwa intersection, and Mgulani JKT area.

The infrastructure development of phase two will also involve construction of two flyovers at the junctions of Nyerere-Chang’ombe and Kilwa-Mandela roads.
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