PS Directs DART to procure Bus Operator early

PS Directs DART to procure Bus Operator early

The Permanent Secretary in the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Governments, Eng. Joseph Nyamhanga, has directed DART Agency to fast track the process of procuring bus operator for phase II along Kilwa Road in Dar es Salaam as the bus rapid transit (BRT) infrastructure development was already underway along the same corridor.

Eng. Nyamhanga said that, in order for BRT to provide for bus services by a bus operator obtained through an international competitive bid the procurement process must be started by the Agency earlier than the completion of infrastructure development of Phase II.

Speaking during a field tour to familiarize him and assess the progress of construction works for Phase II at the ongoing construction of terminal at Mbagala Rangitatu, Eng.Nyamhanga stressed the importance of securing the bus operator before completion of the works.

He said: “Chief Executive I direct you with your team to make sure that Bus Operator in this BRT phase II along Mbagala is in place before the commencing of operation, this will enable DART to begin its business operation without using interim service provider as it was in Phase I from Kimara to Kivukoni, Morocco and Gerezani respectively” He said.

The PS said that Mbagala residents and its peripheries would economically benefit from the BRT infrastructure as the government is striving to complete DART infrastructure to ease the traffic along that corridor.

He furthermore said that all the strategic government projects such as BRT aim at helping ordinary Tanzanians economically and socially specifically enhancing their personal development.

Elaborating about the progress of Mbagala Bus Terminal, Eng. Barakael Mmari said the project was already at 52 percent of its construction.

He further averred that the Terminal has the capacity of parking 400 buses at a time let alone giving room to other social and economic facilities.

Eng.Mmari also said that, the landscape of the terminal area has been levelled to make rain water flow toward the nearest river to avoid environmental hazards

In his remarks on the bus operations, DART Chief Executive Officer Eng. Ronald Lwakatare said one the BRT infrastructure development was complete bus operations would start.