Minister: Let traffic lights guide drivers

The Minister of State in the President’s office Regional Administration and Local Government Hon Seleman Jafo recently directed the DART Chief Executive, Eng. Ronald Lwakatare to liaise with traffic police to guide the traffic at junctions instead of using traffic police to guide the junctions in DART system.

Talking at a process conference recently, Hon. Jafo asserted that guiding traffic flow at junctions using traffic police instead of traffic lights it creates delays of DART buses at junctions and other destinations.

He said many people have so far complained about DART buses arriving at different stations late due to partial use of traffic jams.

The Minister who has to Morocco and Kivukoni emphasizing the use of traffic light in order that DART project realize its objectives.

He has also criticized the arrangement of arranging of having express buses which pray from Kivukoni to Kimara without stopping between stations and leaving passangers overcrowded at stations.

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