President Magufuli launches a maiden flyover in Dar es Salaam

President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli recently launched a first flyover at TAZARA intersections where Nyerere road and Mandera road meet.

The completion of infrastructure development of the flyover whose construction started two years ago is viewed to ease traffic jam along the two roads by 60 per cent.

President Magufuli said that the flyover will mainly be used by traffic going or coming from Julius Nyerere International Airport while other traffic could drive on Mandera or Nyerere road to different directions in the city.

Highlighting the government efforts to improve traffic mobility in the city, President Magufuli averred that the fifth phase government has planned to construct aother flyovers at Ubungo intersection, and Gerazani apart from constructing many more roads in the city.

The flyovers both at TAZARA and Ubungo intersections are also anticipated to impact on the bus operations in the Dar Rapid Transit project as there will be no need for the DART buses to stop at the junctions hence harnessing fast mobility of BRT buses.

The launch of flyover dubbed ‘Mfugale Flyover’ as an appellation resulting from the National Roads Agency (TANROADS) Chief Executive, Eng. Patrick Mfugale’s efforts to have worked tirelessly in designing and managing construction of the flyover and bridges all over the country for over 40 years.

The launch of a colourful ceremony of a multibillion flyover was attended by hundreds of Dar es Salaam residents together with a host of government officials who include ministers, members of parliament, religious and political leaders.

The project which has been completed before the anticipated time, was financed by the government of Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and implemented by Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Company Limited.

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