​President Samia inaugurates BRT infrastructure development Phase II

President Samia inaugurates BRT infrastructure development Phase II

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Her Excellency Samia Sululu Hassan has launched the construction of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) infrastructure Phase II by laying a foundation stone at Mbagala depot on December 04, 2021.

The Inauguration ceremony which was accompanied by entertainment groups was attended by ministers, members of parliaments, Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, development partners, Chief Executives, and partisan leaders.

President Suluhu Hassan has called upon the general public to desist from the inclination of vandalizing the newly established BRT infrastructure as it has cost.

She said: “If you don’t take care of the newly built Phase II infrastructure it will easily be impaired.

Regarding petty traders, the President has promised them better places for them to conduct their businesses rather than invading public places such as BRT lanes and walkways

While presiding over the inauguration ceremony for 4.3 kilometre road from Morocco to Mwenge along New Bagamoyo Road, the President reaffirmed the intention of the Government of Tanzania to continue improving the existing road infrastructure in the country including the implementation of the DART project.

“The DART Agency managing Phase I bus operation along Morogoro Road at the same time bracing for commencement of bus operations in the area just after the completion of BRT Infrastructure Development of Phase II along Kilwa Road in Mbagala area,” she added.

The President has also the intention for the World Bank to finance DART Phases III and IV and DART Agency had already secured some funds from the development partner for implementing the phases under the umbrella of the World Bank.

In the same development, the President cautioned the general public against the spread of fourth wave of the Covid -19 known as Omicron, while urging people to adhere to hygienic principles to avoid contracting the e corona virus.

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