RC directs executives to maintain roads

While the fifth phase government is implementing different development projects countrywide, the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Mr. Paul Makonda has directed all member institutions of the Road Board in his region to fast track the planned maintenance of roads in their respective areas in order to improve movement of people and traffic mobility.

Upon completion of repairing of impassable roads, the officers responsible for overseeing the maintenance of roads were required to call the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) two weeks before opening the roads to get approval for quality of works.

The Regional Commissioner said this against a backdrop of some implementing government institutions in Dar es Salaam have failed to spend road funds properly that had been allotted to them for repairing roads in their vicinities.

To make smooth allocation of road funds for each institutions, Mr. Makonda also directed all organs responsible for budget preparation in the Road Board to involve all District Commissioners in setting annual budget in order to enhance transparency and avoid duplication of activities.

He, however also noted that there were delays in getting funds from the Ministry of Finance and Planning for the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project (DMDP) projects something which he said could slow down the speed of road maintenance in the city.

To curb such delays of funds to reach the concerned institution, the Regional Commissioner required TARURA to make close follow-ups of fund disbursements from the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Mr. Makonda who doubles as the Chairperson of Road Board for Dar es Salaam region, cautioned members of the board not to take business as usual.

The RC further implored the members of the board and other invitees to the meeting to integrate design of all envisaged infrastructure development in the city in order to avoid confusion and unnecessary expenditure of government funds.

He said, “The concerned implementing agencies must unite and share designs of different infrastructure development in the city otherwise some of you can complete building a certain structure while others among you are planning to demolish the same for different plans.”

In the same development, the Regional Commissioner has encouraged government institutions wanting to hire firms that deal with cleaning activities to opt for SUMA JKT which employs young people who are trained to be hardworking and ethical.

He said, “SUMA JKT engages young people who also serve for security purposes as they are trained to defend people against crimes and loss of property in areas that surround their area of work.”

The meeting that was convened for the purpose of evaluating and discussing progress of implementing planned development project specifically on road improvement in the city was attended by different participants from DART Agency, TANROADS, TARURA, officers from Municipal Councils, Members of Parliament, Mayors, and journalists.

The one-day meeting that was conducted at Arnatoglou Hall in Dar es Salaam on February 24, 2020 also discussed how the implementation of DART project has impacted the people of Dar es Salaam.

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