Roadworks set to be at high speed but with quality, supervising consultant says

The ongoing rehabilitation process of utilities during the infrastructure development of roads works in phase II of the Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project along Kilwa Road has contributed to a slow pace of constructing the infrastructure of roads and bus stations along the corridor.

The factors that were attributed to the slow pace in constructing of DART phase II infrastructure lot 1 which is commissioned to build road works, two flyovers and bus stations were revealed by Resident Engineer, Sabyasachi Kar, from BOTEX Bosphorous Technical Consulting Corporation of Turkey in association with Apex Engineering Cooperation Limited of Tanzania during a field tour of the DART Agency Audit Committee in the DART corridor on February 19, 2020.

Eng. Kar averred that the relocation utilities in terms of water pipes, electrical power cables, and telephone cables from different government agencies such as DAWASA, TANESCO, and TTCL was a daunting task that took a lot time and hence delaying commencement of other works in the corridor.

The supervising consultant, however, ensured the DART Audit Committee that construction of the infrastructure would go at fast speed after completion of relocation of the utilities.

He said: “We will make sure that works go at high speed for road construction, flyovers and bus stations along Kilwa Road but with good quality.”

Other factors that were slowing down the construction activities include design modifications for bus stations and flyovers at stage of review by consultants, delayed mobilization of concrete slip form paver, and delayed construction of longitudinal road drainage between mixed traffic lanes and walkways.

Commenting on the factors that were delaying some of the construction activities on Phase II Lot I, the DART Agency Audit Committee Chairperson, Eng. Mohamed Ntunda emphasized the importance for DART Agency to facilitate the relocation process of the identified utilities in the DART phase II so as to fast track the pace for construction activities.

Eng. Ntunda said, “DART Agency has to make sure that the contractor has been given a full space for the construction on time otherwise this may bring about contractual problems in future.”

He added: “DART should make sure that the contractors in phase II complete their works with the timeframe that were set before commencement of construction activities. We want this project to benefit Tanzanians as soon as possible.”

The infrastructure development of DART phase II Lot I that is estimated to last for three years from May 2019, is built by Sinohydro Corporatio Limited from China with a supervising consultancy by BOTEX Bosphorous Technical Consulting Corporation of Istanbul in Turkey in association with Apex Engineering Corporation Limited of Tanzania.

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