​Uganda parliamentary committee visits DART

Uganda parliamentary committee visits DART

By Reporter

A delegation of about 11 members of parliamentary committee responsible for public accounts in local government in Uganda on May 15 visited the Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project in order to learn and exchange professional experience on the implementation of bus rapid transit (BRT) in Dar es Salaam.

The visit will be taken as a baseline for the government of Uganda to conceptualize their own BRT as they about to start an implementation of the project in order to ease traffic mobility vis-à-vis urban public transport in Kampala.

As Kampala being the capital city of Uganda, it is currently laden with uncontrolled traffic mobility due to fast growth of population and high increase of motorcyclists which makes people find it difficult to walk at the city centre.

As part of the study, the delegation has today been taken through different presentations before coming to a question and answer session on the implementation of the DART project.

Requesting to know much it cost to construct every station of the prestigious DART project Phase One, the Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee for Public Accounts for Local Government in Uganda, Hon. Ronald Reagan Okumu said that Tanzania is far ahead of Uganda in terms of infrastructure development and improvement of urban public transport.

The Chairperson of the committee, however, advised that the government should also make sure that there is proper integration between BRT infrastructure and feeder roads in the city in order to simplify people mobility.

Hon. Okumu noted also that the issue of Bodaboda at the city centre in Dar es Salaam is not as serious as is in Kampala. For this they wanted to know whether is a policy governing Bodaboda in Dar er Salaam so as they emulate it for their country.

The delegation concluded their study tour on the DART project by taking a site visit from Morocco terminal to Kimara.

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